Texarkana Texas

Texarkana Texas Police Department

A felony arrest warrant was issued this morning at about 10:00 for LeGus Holloway, 69, of Texarkana Texas, for Cruelty to Non-Lifestock Animals. This is as a result of a video that surfaced over the weekend on social media that shows Holloway viciously abusing a dog.

Officers are currently searching for Holloway but have not yet been able to find him. At this point, there are concerns for Holloway’s safety as a result of threatening comments that some people have made on social media. If you know where Holloway is, please call the police department and let us know.


Update 11/21/17 —

video link of “Lady” at the vet.

You are a star you beautiful pup.  


Update 11/26/17 —